We're on a mission to equip a growing network of responsible lenders with the cutting-edge tools they need to acquire & serve more customers.

Spread the word & track the results

Are you saddled with an ageing customer-base? Stagnant loan book? Our Growth Packages are custom-designed to help you grow your membership and your loan book in a sustainable way. We can help you deploy the right combination of proven strategies, easy-to-use tools & marketing campaigns with a clear ROI.

Turn website visitors into loan applicants

In a world of Amazon, Netflix and Uber, how many of your applicants are giving up in frustration? Drop our Decision Workflow into your existing website to make it easy for applicants to qualify themselves for membership and apply for loans. Track where they come from & seamlessly integrate with our Decision Engine.

Automate your loan assessments

Are you struggling to get the right mix of borrowers? Spending too much time paper-shuffling? Our Decision Engine automates 'accept', 'decline' & 'refer' recommendations. Customise best-practise policy rules for more accurate loan, identity and affordability decisions. Hook-up to your own website & your back-office of choice.

"Unbelievable... our first 'accept' done & loan agreement signed within minutes !!! ... amazing!"

Dharminder Dhaliwal, Castle & Crystal Credit Union