Helping responsible lenders grow the loan book & the member-base. Sustainably.

Unlock a stream of pre-qualified loan applications

The NestEgg Broker Platform matches people who are actively looking for affordable loans with responsible lenders in general & credit unions in particular.

Make fairer, faster loan assessments

Are you struggling to grow the loan book? Our Decision Engine automates 'accept', 'decline' & 'refer' recommendations. Customise best-practise policy rules for more accurate loan, identity and affordability decisions. Hook-up to your own website & core system.

Turn website visitors into loan applicants

In a world of Amazon, Netflix and Uber, how many of your applicants are giving up in frustration? Drop our online loan matching & application forms into your existing website to make it easy for applicants to qualify themselves for membership and apply for loans.

"Unbelievable... our first 'accept' done & loan agreement signed within minutes !!! ... amazing!"

Dharminder Dhaliwal, Castle & Crystal Credit Union

"Here at CLCU, our previous decision engine only gave us credit scores. We wanted to focus more on affordability and indebtedness, rather than just a score that’s based on historical data that may not be indicative of an applicant’s current circumstances."

Geoff McKay, Business Development Officer

"Since using NestEgg we have started to attract and retain a different demographic from our traditional membership base, allowing us to diversify our portfolio and help even more people in the communities we serve to build their financial wellbeing."

Steve Kendrick, Manager Wirral Credit Union

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