Loan Matching

It's not easy getting people to visit your website. Don't make them jump through hoops to apply for a loan.

Asking someone who's just ordered something off Amazon with a single-click to fill out a long-winded form is only going to lead to applicants dropping out.

Loan Matching is an easy way for borrowers to find the right loan products they are likely to be accepted for.

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Pre-qualify applicants

If you operate a membership system, such as a common bond, Loan Matching ensures that only those who qualify can apply to borrow.

Easily help applicants find the right loan. No more confusion. People can only apply for loan products for which they qualify.

Restrict access to your loan products by where an applicant lives or works

Link qualification for products to specific criteria e.g. being employed by a payroll partner or living in a particular housing association

Offer special deals for existing members with special deals that only they qualify for, e.g. secured or loyalty loans

Update your membership criteria in minutes, directly from the NestEgg dashboard

Checking eligibility for a Family Loan
Checking eligibility for a Family Loan

Don't take our word for it...

Wolverhampton City Credit Union went live in January 2021. By May, the number of applications for loans more than doubled compared to the previous year. Over the same period, the value of loan applications almost tripled.

Fewer than 5% of loans now arrive face to face. The average age of a borrower fell from 34 to 28 during the first half of 2021.

More applications with soft credit checks

Hard credit checks have a negative impact on an applicant’s credit score. If this is all that is on offer many applicants will look elsewhere.

Because of this, Loan Matching provides soft credit checks. Potential borrowers can see if they meet a lender’s criteria to be accepted for a loan before they apply. This has no impact on their credit score. Soft checks improve conversion rates.

When an applicant applies in this way they can see not just whether they’d be accepted but what the maximum amount is that they could get.

Enable people to check their chances before they submit an application

Show the range of results on a colour coded slider; from green through to amber to red (decline)

Decision declines at a far lower cost

Check chances
This applicant would be accepted up to £50k and referred above that

Easy to configure

Choose your data

In addition to selecting soft credit checks, you can use an open banking only assessment process or not call credit data at all in the case of a secured loan.

Easy to maintain

You can now bring products to market in minutes.

Using NestEgg’s decision engine dashboard, you can change membership criteria, create new or edit existing loan products and link them to custom rule sets. You can even decide which questions to ask for different products at the click of a button.

Once you update these settings they are instantly applied to your version of Loan Matching.

Edit loan product data
Edit loan product options

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Schedule a call to discuss how NestEgg Loan Matching can benefit your credit union

Frequently Asked Questions

Drop into Your Website

Quick & easy to slot into your existing website. No development needed. Blend in with your logo etc.

Applicants Self-Qualify

Applicants need take only a few steps to qualify themselves for your common bond. No wasted time.

More Loans, More Savings

Minimal steps for applicants even on a smartphone or tablet. Fewer drop-offs. More loans. More savings.

Put Decisioning on Autopilot

Feed straight into the NestEgg Decision Engine, or export data for 3rd-party decisioning systems.

Plug into Back-office Systems

Free-up your time by eliminating re-keying into your favourite back-office system. (Ask us for details)

Track Your Performance

Maximise your marketing ROI by tracking where your applicants are coming from and what they do.