Decision Engine

Transform your lending with inclusive & configurable credit decisions based on financial health.

The NestEgg decision engine combines relevant data from TransUnion (the credit reference agency), applicant bank accounts (via Open Banking) and your own repayment and savings history records into a set of financial health indicators.

Being able to zoom in on positive, negative and risk signals with a few clicks, lets you turn-around full and fair consumer lending assessments in double-quick time.

Inclusive lending

Traditional approaches to credit assessment, built in the 1980s, struggle with loan applications from people with increasingly complex financial lives.

Assessing credit risk today demands a far more nuanced approach than a quick look at a credit score, missed payments & a bunch of bank statements.

NestEgg's decision engine leads to better decisions because it is based on financial health: a holistic view covering risk, indebtedness, missed payments, legal action, spending patterns, and more.

Co-designed from the ground-up with responsible lenders, the NestEgg decision engine ensures applicants get the fairest possible hearing.

A 'Borrow' financial health indicator makes it easy to assess repayment history, debt ratios, legal action, credit and indebtedness scores for each application.

Open Banking data underpins a 'Spend' financial health indicator showing an applicant’s categorised expenditure on needs, wants and financial commitments (debt vs saving), providing an up-to-date affordability assessment. We also provide income and expenditure breakdowns and a running balance. 


Don't take our word for it...

"Our use of NestEgg has proved invaluable in assessing the affordability of any loan offer we make to a member and provides us with a tool to support the member by “nudging” them into better budgeting, helping them increase their credit score and providing a step on the path to financial stability."

Eileen Halligan, CEO, Central Liverpool Credit Union


Configurable rules

It’s hard to automate lending policy. Too many applications are declined because borrowers have had financial difficulty in the past. Many lenders are struggling with decision engines where the ability to adjust rules is limited, expensive and time-consuming. Others are overwhelmed with systems that are so flexible, it can be difficult to know where to start.

NestEgg decision engine rules can be adjusted in minutes to meet your specific accept criteria and modified as you go.

Individual rules can be excluded, overriden or new ones added. We help you anticipate the impact of changing rules, making recommendations based on the £100m of loan applications assessed in 2021.

Easily align rules with your risk appetite, cater for new products (e.g. revolving credit, consolidation and car loans) and be able to react quickly to changes in the market.

Exclude, override or add to a growing set of over 30 decision rules.

Turn individual rules on or off across four loan value bands.

Set tolerance levels for defaults, missed payments, CCJs and insolvencies, and more.

Specialised rule sets for loan products such as revolving credit, debt consolidation and car loans.

Rules - CCJs

Don't take our word for it...

"NestEgg has made the successful launch of our new online retail store service possible. NestEgg also gives us complete control and flexibility over our lending parameters. We know we can manage credit risk at any stage of the product life-cycle and adapt our settings within NestEgg to suit our risk appetite. NestEgg have been superb partners to work with.

Mark White, Chief Executive Officer – Smart Money Community Bank Cymru



Clear & transparent

Credit assessment can be a black box for applicants and lenders alike. Loans officers often get bogged down with over-detailed credit reports or with hundreds of open banking transactions. The wood cannot be seen for the trees. Consequently, it takes longer to make the right decisions.

NestEgg surfaces the information that matters most. Risk factors can be drilled-into & assessed at a glance.

Clarity of information enables fair, fast and consistent lending decisions.

Instantly get a feel for the overall riskiness of a decision based on trusted & transparent Borrow and Spend financial health indicators.

Drill-into borrow risk factors (like defaults, CCJs, indebtedness and missed payments) with a few clicks based on their red, amber or green status.

Drill-into spend risk factors (such as unbalanced spending patterns, gambling and high-cost credit) with a few clicks down to individual bank transactions.

Assess missed payments, defaults, insolvencies and CCJs at a glance

Better understand overall risk based by seeing the reasons that drive a credit score.

Faster turnaround

Your customers' online expectations are dictated by Amazon, Uber and Netflix. A quick glance at a typical lenders website makes it painfully obvious that lenders are struggling to keep up.

NestEgg’s decision engine makes near-instantaneous, fair and detailed decisions, configured to the level of automation you desire.

If six in ten applications are auto-accepted, that frees up significant time for referred applications and additional member service.

Plug-in loan & account-opening online applications from NestEgg's application workflow  or from your own website.

Conduct automated ID and anti-fraud checks for new joiners.

Automate alternative offers for applicants that may qualify for a smaller loan.

Integrate with a fast-expanding range of core systems and workarounds to avoid re-keying data. (Contact us to see if we integrate with your core system yet)

Request follow up documents (e.g. payslips, bank statements) to support credit underwriting with a single click from inside the Nestegg dashboard.

Better outcomes

The people affordable lenders are trying to attract can be higher risk and bad rates could be too high without the right decisioning tools.

Different decision rules can be applied to different value loans to align with your delinquency targets for your overall portfolio.

The NestEgg decision engine is based on experience with more than £100m of loans assessed in 2021.

This means you can grow your loan book without a corresponding increase in bad debt as fewer borrowers are over-indebted.


"Since using NestEgg, our loan book has grown considerably. Within one year there was a 114% increase in loans approved to new members."


"During 2021 our loan book grew 15%, but our bad debt provisions actually fell by one-third."

Dharminder Dhaliwal, Business & Finance Manager - Castle & Crystal Credit Union

  • After 5 years, members save 50p for every £1 borrowed


Read the case study

See how Central Liverpool Credit Union help reduce the vulnerability of their members, 90% of whom come from the top 20% most disadvantaged areas in the UK.

Actionable insights

Improve your lending strategy and understand more about your loan portfolio with 'at a glance' insights from analytics directly within the decision engine brower-based dashboard.


Target marketing campaigns by reviewing the geographical distribution of accepts, declines and refers.

Decisions by district chart

Review loan purpose by credit score. These data help you understand whether certain types of loan application result in higher or lower credit scores (and therefore bad rates).

loan purpose by credit score

Take a portfolio view by looking at loan applications by credit score band. This enables you to predict likely bad rates and understand the overall risk of your loan book.

credit score buy band

Track how recommended decisions end up after you've reviewed them, e.g. REFERs -> ACCEPTs.

decisions journey

Much more to come in 2022!

Fits your ecosystem

The traditional approach of technology in the responsible lending sector is one of closed 'jack-of-all trades' systems intended to lock out the competition and lock you in.

The NestEgg decision engine was designed from the ground-up to blend into the responsible lending ecosystem as seamlessly as possible. Mix and match with whatever online loan origination websites & apps you use already. Feed-in to your CRM & email marketing systems. Plug-in to your favourite core system.

As for the commercials, simply get started on a monthly subscription. Stay for as long as you want and upgrade your plan as you grow. Pay-as-you-go. If it turns out it's not for you then simply give a month's notice and no hard feelings. No lock-ins!


The NestEgg decision engine has been co-designed from the start with responsible lenders and other stakeholders in the sector.

A User Group meets several times a year to help refine development priorities ensuring current and future needs are met. New features that emerged from this process in Q4 2021 include credit score reasons, unlimited addresses and enhanced affordability checks.

The decision engine is provided as software-as-a-service which means it's licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted by NestEgg. New features and upgrades are made available to all clients on an ongoing basis. Clients can pay on a monthly or annual basis with no contractural lock-ins.

Feed-in online loan & account-opening applications from 3rd-party online loan origination platforms as well as direct from your website. Or drop NestEgg's online application workflow into your existing website so new members can join & apply in one go.

Add new joiners automatically to your CRM or email marketing system like MailChimp or Drip.

Avoid rekeying of information by feeding your decisions automatically into your core system. We are working on a growing range so contact us to see if yours in covered.

For developers. The NestEgg decision engine has it's own RESTful API which means you and your IT partners can build whatever integration you like with whatever systems and services you can dream up.

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