The Decision Engine

Is it taking too long to turnaround loan decisions?

Do you know which marketing activities led to those decisions? Would it be useful to have a breakdown of decisions by applications vs approvals, by postcode area? How about by credit score?

The Decision Engine let's you...

Automatically assess loans instead of driving applicants away
Spend less time paper-shuffling & more quality time with members
Turn more of your hard-earned visitors into the borrowers you need

View and assess the reasons for the automated decision recommendation. Confirm or override the recommended decision with a few clicks.

Open Banking data delivers a financial statement based on actual spend. It is displayed with essential and discretionary outgoings for better affordability assessment.

'At a glance' insights from your loan portfolio. Average credit score. Distribution of Accepts / Declines / Accepts over time among others.

Decisions in Seconds

Near-instantaneous accept, decline & refer recommendations based on a full credit report.

Automated ID Checks

Automated anti-money laundering compliance. No charges for declined loan applicants.

Affordability Checks

Automated verification of affordability, income & indebtedness.

Flexible Policy Rules

Decisions are derived from flexible policy rules (e.g. presence of County Court Judgements).

Credit Score

Access to tried and tested score cards including distinct treatment of short term loans.

Open API

Integration options for your website, marketing & back office systems.

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