Broker Platform

Unlock a stream of pre-qualified loan applications

The NestEgg Broker Platform matches people who are actively looking for affordable loans with responsible lenders in general & credit unions in particular.

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Tap into applicant sources previously beyond your reach

The NestEgg platform receives referrals from an increasing range of partners such as banks, building societies, housing associations and others interested in promoting financial inclusion

Get applications from people who find they are ineligible at other lenders - including other credit unions

Access those who are declined by other lenders but may be a great fit for you - either now or in the future

Eligibility Question

Applicants are guided through your eligibility checks for joining (and for each of your individual loan products)

Define and keep updated your common bond criteria with a few clicks

Specify & maintain eligibility criteria for each of your loan products in seconds

Spin up new loan products, update their features like APR and have them show up instantly on the Broker Platform

Decision Engine - product setup

Applicants can find out if they could get a loan - without affecting their credit score

Hard credit checks have a negative impact on an applicant’s credit score - if this is all that is on offer, many applicants will look elsewhere

With NestEgg, applicants can see if they meet your lending criteria to be accepted for a loan before they apply

These soft checks have no impact on applicant's credit score and make it more likely they will go on to apply when it matters

Not only can an applicant see whether they’d be accepted but they’ll also find out what the maximum amount is that they could comfortably get - whether that’s more or less than they originally had in mind

Check my chances

Applicants can easily apply for a loan with you

Customise what information you want to collect for new joiners & existing members, product by product.

Give applicants a chance to adjust (up or down) the amount they apply for, based on what they can comfortably afford

Let applicants save their details until they are ready to complete their application

Broker - apply for desired amount

Make fast, fair & data-driven lending decisions using NestEgg’s market-leading Decision Engine

Set your own rules and thresholds across credit, Open Banking, ID and an increasing range of data sets.

Push your approved loan along to your core system for onward processing (and hook up to your existing loan origination website & mobile apps) using the Decision Engine’s flexible API

You decide whether to use the Decision Engine just for applications from NestEgg’s Broker platform, across your portfolio or anything in between

Decision Engine - REFER

Keep applicants updated as you process their application

Tailor an automated email to applicants to notify them as soon as your staff begin to process their application

Trigger a request for more information, like bank details, ID & proof of address, directly from within the Decision Engine - via an automated email to an applicant and a notification within their broker account

Notify applicants of your final decision (most likely an accept) - via an automated email and within their broker account

Decision Engine - Request ID

Consolidate your reputation as a responsible lender - and fulfil your mission as a credit union

NestEgg ‘knows’ why an applicant would be declined and so is able to provide applicants with personalised tips to help them improve their chances of being accepted next time

Enhance the applicant's experience on your website (or mobile app) by referring them to the NestEgg platform so they can help find a debt remedy & get back on their feet

Help applicants who don’t fit your eligibility criteria, or for those in financial difficulty to find another responsible lender by referring them to the Broker platform. Bear in mind, you benefit from this the other way round, by all the lenders on the platform doing the same thing.

Help spread the word & fly the flag for responsible lending

Only responsible lenders can join the platform

Lenders on the Broker Platform put their borrowers' interests first with fair interest rates

Hidden fees and penalties are not permitted by any participating lender

Risk-free trial

Responsible lenders can join the platform from just £97 per month. Monthly rolling contracts.

Only pay for the pre-qualified loans, i.e. that you’re likely to accept

Upgrade or cancel anytime

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Schedule a call to discuss how the NestEgg Broker Platform can benefit your credit union

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