Feature Spotlight: credit score reasons

credit score reasons featured image

Credit scores are complex three-digit numbers that can baffle even the most experienced loan officer. Because of this, the NestEgg Decision Engine explains the main factors that are driving an applicant’s credit score. Listing out credit score reasons makes it faster to find and focus on the problems with an application. In the example below…

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New features for the Decision Engine

New features for the decision engine

December has been a bumper month for new features for NestEgg’s Decision Engine. Here we describe how we’re using Open Banking and recent search history to further improve loan assessment. Open Banking self-categorisation One of the biggest challenges with Open Banking is the lack of categorisation. If transactions aren’t allocated correctly, affordability assessments won’t be…

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New feature: open banking affordability charts

NestEgg has launched a new feature: open banking affordability charts. The cost-of-living crisis is developing into a recession. Of course, this isn’t good news for responsible lenders. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to navigate data so those that are struggling are spotted early on. One of the advantages of NestEgg’s decision engine…

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New feature: compare default balances

NestEgg’s decision engine now enables users to compare default balances. Defaults, especially recent ones, are a predictor of bad debt. But responsible lenders like to give the benefit of the doubt. A loan might be justified if there’s evidence that an applicant is making an attempt to pay down defaults. The reverse – where defaults…

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New feature: applicant demographics

NestEgg’s decision engine now includes applicant demographics. Because most new borrowers join online, it’s harder than ever to get a full picture of an applicant. Furthermore, this problem is compounded when a lender is expanding into an unfamiliar area. As a result you don’t know much about the applicant. Nor the place where they live.…

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Buy Now Pay Later to be included on credit reports

Buy Now Pay Later is to be included on credit reports. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has been booming. In the run up to Christmas 2021, 17m people were using this form of credit. One of the key players, Klarna, saw its customer base double to 15m since the start of the pandemic. It’s a…

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