Buy Now Pay Later Schemes: How vulnerable do they make you?

buy now pay later on mobile phone

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) schemes have become increasingly popular over recent years. They allow individuals to purchase goods and services and spread the cost (interest-free) over a number of monthly instalments. Some retailers have their own BNPL scheme, however many use a third-party provider such as Klarna, and Afterpay. When an individual opts into…

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Growing the mutual lending sector: what is the data showing us?

growing the mutual sector

In October 2023 we were host to a packed event with credit unions and stakeholders to discuss growing the mutual sector during a tougher lending climate. Expert speakers discussed the data, lending risk and Information Technology. Tough times for mortgagees We kicked off the event by looking at the data. Borrowers to credit unions are…

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Loan Sharks: Who is really behind the mask?

loan sharks behind the mask

What does a loan shark look like to you? When thinking about a ‘loan shark’, the chances are that the image that springs to mind is the ‘TV soap gangster’. But in reality they are not always that easy to spot. They could just as easily be that neighbour who always stops to chat, a…

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How financial associations affect your credit profile

A financial association is a link between two or more people who have shared financial accounts or products. This includes joint bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and loans.  Financial associations can affect your credit profile, as their credit history may also be taken into account when lenders make credit decisions. If a financial associate has…

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Mutual Growth Seminar


The cost of living crisis and rising interest rates means it’s a tough time to lend. NestEgg’s Mutual Growth Seminar will help participants explore and discuss strategies for growing the mutual sector at this difficult time. The day will be structured around four fireside chats, covering affordability, products and technology. What is the data telling…

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