Helping responsible lenders grow their loan books in difficult times

It’s hard to remember a time when lending was this difficult. One pressure is the impact as 1.5m people leave fixed rate mortgages this year. They’ll spend an additional £19bn on mortgage repayments in 2024. Currently with higher credit scores, these ‘near-prime’ borrowers have been a priority for credit unions looking to balance loan books…

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Better referral for declined applicants

At the beginning of this year’s Debt Awareness Week, it was reported that 13% of adults had missed three or more credit or bill payments in the last six months. Credit unions are used to seeing this. For example, between 1 January and 18 March 2023, 29% of borrowers assessed by NestEgg’s Decision Engine had…

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Data driven decisions

As we head from London to the North West to Manchester for the ABCUL conference, NestEgg has compared the data from lending decisions made in these areas. This is to help credit unions make data driven decisions. Overall, lending risk in the North West is higher than the South East (including London). Despite higher incomes…

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Choosing NestEgg for Open Banking

open banking

Open Banking has revolutionised credit assessment. It provides more up to date information. Open Banking reveals spending patterns that are absent from credit data. However, Open Banking can only offer proxies. You can’t be certain that a bounced direct debit means that the loan repayment will be missed. Open Banking can’t tell you overall balances…

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Consolidation lending for responsible lenders

Consolidation lending

The Christmas season’s loan rush may not be entirely over for 2023, but it won’t be long until preparations for the next lending campaign are underway. January is traditionally a peak period for consolidation lending, with loans typically higher in value and being repaid over a longer duration. This results in increased revenue for lenders.…

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Growing the mutual lending sector: what is the data showing us?

Growing the mutual lending sector

In October 2023 we were host to a packed event with credit unions and stakeholders to discuss growing the mutual sector during a tougher lending climate. Expert speakers discussed the data, lending risk and Information Technology. Tough times for mortgagees We kicked off the event by looking at the data. Borrowers to credit unions are…

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