Better referral for declined applicants

At the beginning of this year’s Debt Awareness Week, it was reported that 13% of adults had missed three or more credit or bill payments in the last six months. Credit unions are used to seeing this. For example, between 1 January and 18 March 2023, 29% of borrowers assessed by NestEgg’s Decision Engine had…

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Data driven decisions

As we head from London to the North West to Manchester for the ABCUL conference, NestEgg has compared the data from lending decisions made in these areas. This is to help credit unions make data driven decisions. Overall, lending risk in the North West is higher than the South East (including London). Despite higher incomes…

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NestEgg joins the FCA Financial Inclusion TechSprint

NestEgg is delighted to announce its participation in the FCA Financial Inclusion TechSprint. The TechSprint aims to utilise technology to boost the chances of loan approval and foster financial inclusion. The problem Our participation addresses two sides to the challenge. Firstly, people need help to find an alternative lender that is more likely to accept…

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Feature Spotlight: credit score reasons

credit score reasons featured image

Credit scores are complex three-digit numbers that can baffle even the most experienced loan officer. Because of this, the NestEgg Decision Engine explains the main factors that are driving an applicant’s credit score. Listing out credit score reasons makes it faster to find and focus on the problems with an application. In the example below…

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Choosing NestEgg for Open Banking

open banking

Open Banking has revolutionised credit assessment. It provides more up to date information. Open Banking reveals spending patterns that are absent from credit data. However, Open Banking can only offer proxies. You can’t be certain that a bounced direct debit means that the loan repayment will be missed. Open Banking can’t tell you overall balances…

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NestEgg wins Innovate UK Grant

Innovation UK grant

NestEgg has won a grant from Innovate UK’s Innovation in Financial Services Competition. The Innovate award recognises NestEgg as an innovative company that is improving the use of Open Finance. Open finance is the next iteration of Open Banking. In addition to connecting bank accounts, people can choose to share information about their assets including…

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