Level Up Your Growth

Frictionless application & rapid decision-making is essential, but if you want to grow your membership, you need to find more people who WANT to apply.

What is a Level Up?

Level Ups are short duration (a few days or weeks) self-contained tasks that move your marketing goals forward.

There are dozens of Level Ups we can handle for you. While they are mostly operational in nature, some require more technical setup which we also take care of on your behalf.

We'll agree with you to carry out a package of Level Ups that typically cover social media, ads, content and email marketing that is likely to lead to membership growth.

We are adding more standardised Level Ups (like blog post production & promotion) all the time. Meanwhile, we often recommend and work with clients on customised tasks as the need arises.

How it works

You will need to have completed a Growth Audit before we can proceed with these services. This ensures that all tasks are tied-back to your business and marketing goals - as well as to avoid wasting your money on random tactics.

We pre-agree with you, a package of Level Up tasks for a 90-day period. The tasks we undertake on your behalf will depend on how ambitious your goals are, as well your budget.

As we approach the end of a 90-day period, we agree the scope and budget for the next one. All the while, we work in partnership with you to reach your goals.

We do not believe in lock-ins and are happy to vary the budget and scope from one 90-day period to the next. We'll always advise on impact to your goals as we progress.


Your investment in the Level Up program starts at £270* plus VAT per month, dependent on your ambitions and your budget. Scale-up, dial-down or cancel from one 90-day period to the next.

*This is for us to work with you to: a) advise on, scope out and set goals, b) produce & promote one blog article per month over email, organic and paid social media, c) review performance KPIs from analytics spanning your campaigns, application conversion rates and the resulting decisions.

Our co-founder Ben Breen leads these Level Up programs for NestEgg. Ben has specialised in growth marketing for startups and ambitious small businesses for the past 10 years. He combines a unique blend of the strategic, pragmatic and technical and will personally oversee your Growth Audit and Level Up programs.

Here are some of the Level Up tasks we handle:

Produce a blog article edited to target your audience & SEO-optimised: starting with a rough draft of yours. From £100 per article.

Promote a blog article via your email marketing system (e.g. MailChimp) & social media (Twitter, Facebook). From £100 per article.

Integrate the NestEgg Workflow with your email marketing system: Drip and MailChimp (coming soon!)

Integrate your website with the NestEgg Decision Engine.

Social media content strategy & ideas

Social media ads plan

Content marketing strategy and ideas

SEO strategy & setup

Email marketing strategy & setup

Marketing automation strategy, tools evaluation & setup

Customer success strategy, tools evaluation & setup, e.g. live chat, chat bot

Mobile website and email experience strategy & setup

Google AdWords strategy & setup, e.g. for performance tracking

Marketing performance dashboard setup

Customer journey map

Positioning and value proposition statements

Persona development

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