The Application Workflow

It's not easy getting visitors to your website. It's even harder to get them to take out a loan.

What happens when you ask someone who's just ordered something off Amazon with a single-click to fill out a long-winded form? Or, download a PDF, print it, fill it in, find an envelope, buy a stamp and post it?

Of course, they give up and go somewhere else! (Unless they're desperate...)

For those applicants that can be bothered and are desperate enough, it's time-consuming and error-prone for your team to re-key the data into your credit, ID, CRM, back-office and other systems.

Drop into Your Website

Quick & easy to slot into your existing website. No development needed. Blend in with your logo etc.

Applicants Self-Qualify

Applicants need take only a few steps to qualify themselves for your common bond. No wasted time.

More Loans, More Savings

Minimal steps for applicants even on a smartphone or tablet. Fewer drop-offs. More loans. More savings.

Put Decisioning on Autopilot

Feed straight into the NestEgg Decision Engine, or export data for 3rd-party decisioning systems.

Plug into Back-office Systems

Free-up your time by eliminating re-keying into your favourite back-office system. (Ask us for details)

Track Your Performance

Maximise your marketing ROI by tracking where your applicants are coming from and what they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

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