The Growth Audit

Pin-point the specific digital marketing actions you can take over the next 90 days to trigger the process of acquiring and retaining more members for your credit union.

How it Works

Your Growth Audit will assess your existing digital and traditional marketing activities. This will cover the entire customer journey spanning your website, social media, content & email marketing, paid media etc. What are you doing? Where? How is it measured?

We’ll work with you to figure out the easiest way to track, analyse and thereby maximise your marketing ROI in order to acquire and retain new members. This will cover all marketing campaigns and activities across your social media accounts, website, application workflow, the Decision Engine and core system.

We will then provide you with a detailed assessment and SWOT analysis of your marketing, including recommendations for immediate action steps to tackle over the following 90 days.


This service is available to clients of the Decision Engine for just £950 plus VAT. If however you decide to take up the recommendations as part of an initial 90-day Level Up cycle then you will only have to pay £450 plus VAT for the audit.

You can either implement the Growth Audit recommendations yourself or, we can help you put them into practice via the Level Up service.

Our co-founder Ben Breen leads the Growth Audits for NestEgg. Ben has specialised in growth marketing for startups and ambitious small businesses for the past 10 years. He combines a unique blend of the strategic, pragmatic and technical and will personally oversee your Growth Audit and Level Up programs.

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