ABCUL 2023 - NestEgg

Is the cost of living crisis making lending decisions harder?

Are too many declines making it difficult to grow the loan book?

NestEgg’s decision engine helps you navigate the cost of living crisis with inclusive & configurable credit decisions

Our new broker platform opens up access to affordable credit, helping responsible lenders grow their loan books

Inclusive lending

NestEgg is delighted to be a gold sponsor of the 2023 ABCUL conference in Manchester.

Our mission is to help individuals improve their financial health starting with affordable credit from responsible lenders who are looking to sustainably grow the loan book & member base.

Come and see us in the Trafford Room:

Get a demo of our Decision Engine that’s helping credit unions across the UK assess a loan every 3 minutes. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year

Find out about our research into the impact of the cost of living crisis on lending risk

Sign up for early access to our broker platform – helping you grow your loan book

450 million of loans

Don't take our word for it...

Our use of NestEgg has proved invaluable in assessing the affordability of any loan offer we make to a member and provides us with a tool to support the member by “nudging” them into better budgeting , helping them increase their credit score and providing a step on the path to financial stability.

Eileen Halligan, CEO Central Liverpool Credit Union


Join our breakout session, Friday 14:30

Accept rates for credit union loans have fallen significantly over the last year. This can be partly explained by the increasing indebtedness of borrowers. The average non-mortgage debt of credit union applicants rose by 14% in the year ending February 2023.

However, applicant income was also up 10%. Credit scores have been rising. Interestingly, the average utility debt has fallen over the last 12 months.

Is the cost of living crisis making responsible lenders too nervous? Maybe. However, the combination of growing indebtedness and rising interest rates increases lending risk. Furthermore there is evidence that more borrowers are showing signs of early arrears.

During the breakout session we'll be assessing the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis on credit union borrowers by looking at 75,000 lending decisions over the last year. Critically, there are still ways to grow the loan book during these difficult times. We’ll explore the options.

See you there!

The decision engine

The NestEgg decision engine enables rapid loan book growth with quicker turnaround of fairer credit decisions and lower bad debt rates..

The decision engine provides:

Highly customisable rules that can be changed in minutes

Different rules for different products, e.g. revolving credit or consolidation loans

Searching for an unlimited number of addresses at no extra cost

Automated alternative offers for when you want to offer a smaller value loan

Applicant demographics to give you a fuller picture of the applicant’s neighbourhood

Comparisons for defaults and missed payments over time, enabling you to see if an applicant’s situation is getting better or worse.

Credit score reasons to explain the factors that might be driving a credit score down, helping Loans Officers better understand an important indicator of risk

The broker platform

NestEgg provides one place for people to check whether they are eligible to join and qualify for loans from responsible lenders across the UK.


The platform provides soft credit checks and runs customised decision rules to see if the borrower meets your criteria to be accepted. If so, they can submit an application with one click. 

Common bond and product eligibility checks

Soft credit checks against your decision criteria

Only receive loan applications that meet your acceptance criteria

Get started for just £97 per month. Cancel any time 


How it works

1. Check to see which lenders you qualify for

Lenders typically have a membership qualification.

For example, you must live in a certain area or work for a certain employer.

NestEgg quickly checks this. As a result, you can find the lenders that best match your personal circumstances.

2. See if which loans you would be accepted for

A soft credit check is undertaken to see if you’d qualify for loans from your chosen lender(s).

Importantly, this check has no impact on your credit score.

3. Apply

Loans are then sorted according to the likelihood that you’d be accepted. The loans with the lowest interest rate are shown first.

Choose a loan you know you’d be accepted for (green) or where you have a reasonable chance (amber).

4. Get tips and advice

If your chances are too low to apply, sign up for tips and advice. Our simple suggestions will help you improve your credit profile. As a result, you're more likely to be accepted next time.

Of course, even if your credit score is OK, there’s always room for improvement.