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NestEgg is delighted to sponsor the 2022 ABCUL conference in Manchester.

Our mission is to help individuals improve their financial health starting with affordable credit from responsible lenders who are looking to sustainably grow the loan book & member base.

NestEgg is proud to be a silver sponsor at the 2022 ABCUL conference in Manchester. Come and see us in the Trafford Room and:

  • Get a demo of our Decision Engine that’s helping credit unions across the UK assess a loan every 3 minutes. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year.
  • Find out about our research into making revolving credit work for members
  • Sign up for early access to our mobile app – helping more members get accepted for loans.
  • See how we integrate with core systems, open banking and card providers

Decision Engine

If your Credit Union is struggling to get the right mix of borrowers or spending too much time paper-shuffling, our Decision Engine will help.

Near instantaneous ‘accept’, ‘decline’ and ‘refer’ recommendations are aligned with your lending policy and risk appetite. You can customise best-practise policy rules for more accurate loan, identity and affordability decisions.

The decision engine provides unlimited address checks and new features are released on a frequent basis, typically every 6 to 8 weeks.

If this is of interest then please do drop by at the conference. To avoid disappointment however, contact us now online to arrange a demo.

“Since using NestEgg, our loan book has grown considerably. Within one year there was a 114% increase in loans approved to new members. During 2021 our loan book grew 15%, but our bad debt provisions actually fell by one-third.”
Dharminder Dhaliwal, Business & Finance Manager – Castle & Crystal Credit Union

Mobile app

Our app provides over 200 ‘nudges’ helping people improve their financial health in general and credit profile in particular. Financial health is presented as three indicators covering borrowing, spending and saving. Uniquely, these are mirrored in our decision engine dashboard – providing a shared view of credit risk.

Users of the app will:

  • Improve credit scores. These have fallen fastest for lower paid workers since the pandemic.
  • Reduce credit card balances. Lower income borrowers were always close to their limits, but low paid workers were more likely to increase their balances since the pandemic began.
  • Get on top of missed payments, which are starting to rise.
  • Clear up historical issues. Credit union members in their late 20s and early 30s had clear goals to tackle older CCJs and defaults.

Credit unions will:

  • See many of their declines turned to accepts
  • Receive an influx of pre-qualified loan applications
  • Fulful their mission to educate members of the credit union on financial health


NestEgg provides an API (Application Programming Interface). This means you can mix and match the Decision Engine with whatever online loan origination websites & apps you use already. Feed-in to your CRM & email marketing systems. Plug-in to your favourite core system.

In a world of Amazon, Netflix and Uber, users' expectations for online experiences is higher than ever.

Consequently, how many applicants simply give up in frustration? Slot in our online application Workflow with your existing website to make it easy for applicants to qualify themselves for membership and apply for loans. Track where they come from and seamlessly integrate with the Decision Engine.

Want to find out more?

Come and see us in the Exhibition Hall at the 2022 ABCUL conference.

Schedule a demo to see the Decision Engine or online application Workflow in action. Or to discuss our upcoming mobile consumer app and how it can help you turn declines to accept.