ABCUL conference 2022 - Generic

NestEgg is delighted to be a sponsor at the ABCUL conference 2022.

NestEgg's mission is to help individuals improve their financial health starting with affordable credit from responsible lenders who are looking to sustainably grow the loan book & member base.

Watch the 3 minute video to see how our decisioning software is helping credit unions adjust to and thrive in a post-COVID world.

Better decisions

Make fairer, faster and more accurate loan, identity & affordability decisions based on customised best-practice policy rules with the NestEgg Decision Engine.

More online applications

Applicants are used to 1-click ordering with Amazon, Uber & Netflix. The NestEgg online application workflow makes it (almost) as easy to apply for a loan - seamlessly with your existing website and our Decision Engine.

More members & more loans

Whether its a new website, email marketing or online ads, NestEgg helps you put easy-to-use digital marketing tools and techniques into action, creating more of the members and loans you need.

Decline to accept

Refer declined applicants to the NestEgg app. Applicants turned down for loans receive tips and advice. Because of this, users make the changes necessary to be accepted next time.

Want to find out more?

Come and visit us in the Exhibition Hall during the ABCUL conference 2022.

Schedule a demo to see the Decision Engine or online application Workflow in action.

We'd also love to tell you more about how our upcoming app can help you turn declines to accept.