The 50/30/20 method of budgeting

50 30 20 budgeting

The ‘50/30/20’ method is a budgeting tool and can assist you in managing your money more efficiently. Using this method of budgeting is a good way to increase your savings. Savings are a crucial part of money management. Recent UK saving statistics found that 34% of adults have either no savings, or less than £1000,…

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What is a missed payment?

missed payment overdue

A ‘missed payment’ is when you don’t make a payment on the date agreed during a billing cycle (usually 30 days) to your lender. For example, you pay a credit card repayment on the 15th of each month, but you miss payment on that date. It is not only missed payments on credit cards and…

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Save money by using cash instead of a card

Save money by using cash instead of a card. If you walk into a supermarket with only a £10 note, you’ve limited your spending to a tenner. Sounds obvious, but it’s an effective way to control your spending. Furthermore, it’s really hard to stick to a maximum spend if you’re using a debit card. And…

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