We're on a mission to open-up access to fair & affordable credit

We believe the consumer credit industry is secretive and stuck in the past. As a result, far too many are not getting a fair deal.

The NestEgg platform matches those looking for affordable credit with loan products offered by responsible lenders. Applicants find the right loan from the right lender, see if they’d get accepted and apply. If not, get tips on how to be accepted.


Amount we have saved people from using high cost credit (as of May 2023)

The platform sends loan applications to responsible lenders and provides credit decisioning services so they can make better lending decisions for themselves and their customers. It does this by analysing credit, banking and other data in a fair, flexible and transparent way.

Ben and Adrian co-founded NestEgg in 2016.

Adrian Davies

Adrian Davies is the CCO at NestEgg. He's an alternative finance expert with 25 years experience in money advice and credit unions. Beyond this, his interests include mountain biking, vegan cooking and historical fiction.

Ben Breen

Ben Breen is the CTO at NestEgg. He's been building and shipping transformational tech solutions at start-ups to Fortune 100s since 1985. Tai chi and leaf tea keep him going.