The consumer credit industry is opaque, inefficient and no longer fit for purpose.

Our mission is to make it easy for individuals to apply for fast and affordable credit from responsible lenders.

Fairer access to credit

Lenders turn down credit applicants all the time. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do. But often the lender is missing a trick. And an opportunity to help a borrower in need.

To make matters worse, the lender rarely explains the reasons for a decline to the applicant. Is it any wonder a borrower doesn’t know how to improve their chances next time?

Meanwhile, the applicant must go without, or be forced to pay an exorbitant interest rate to a high cost lender. They are pushed deeper into debt. None the wiser, the cycle repeats itself.

There’s a better way...

NestEgg puts the applicant in control of their own financial identity and credit profile. They get to decide what to share and with whom.

Our tools make it easy for an individual to improve their financial identity. Data from a wide range of sources provides a comprehensive picture of each person's unique circumstances.

We combine traditional credit data with income and expenditure provided through Open Banking. Verified social media and reputational scores deliver smarter identity verification.

Democratising consumer credit

Our mission is to democratise consumer credit by putting people in charge of their financial identity. We will increase access to responsible credit and reduce the interest paid by lower income households.

At the same time our technology expands the online reach of responsible lenders so they can lend at a lower cost to more people.

Take part

If you’re a lender, in money advice, community finance, social justice campaigning, or just plain interested then we’d like to talk with you. Contact us here

Adrian DaviesAdrian Davies is a co-founder at NestEgg. He is an alternative finance expert with extensive experience of start-ups, business development, IT, Target Operating Models and regulatory compliance. Adrian has almost two decades of experience in the credit union sector, supporting the businesses with innovative ideas so they can grow and meet member needs.
Ben BreenBen Breen is a co-founder at NestEgg. He's delivered numerous business-transforming technology solutions at start-ups to Fortune 100s since 1985, including at JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America, Xerox, Nortel, Reuters, UBS. Since 2011, Ben has specialised in growth marketing at startups and growth-minded companies. Tai chi and leaf tea keep him going.